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Another Day, Another Beta

2011-04-10 11:01:51 by dirtyc101

April 2010,

Just wanted to make a quick bump here & let everyone know that I released a small demo for my next game. You can find the demo on my blog:

That's all really. Hope ya like it. And no worries, when the final game is done, I will be posting it here too. :)



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2011-04-11 18:10:40

Post it on newgrounds.


2011-04-27 17:42:49

I'd love to help you out with the art... But sadly, I'm even lazier than you, I've been putting off my flash game for over a year now... But I tried out your game there, it has loads of potential, I can't wait, might actually be a porn game that you don't just play to see the sexy stuff, I could see actual fun in it too!


2011-04-27 23:52:42

I has two questions.
1. Any ETA of a newer beta or the final product?
2. Interested in a new project? :3


2011-06-18 22:38:11

june update coming soon?


2011-11-22 21:06:35

The demo was really good, and the gameplay is beyond LoK by playshapes (who I hope will get out of retirement soon.) Can't wait until it's fully done! :D


2012-01-21 08:12:34

Hey, seems like your blogspot blog is down, says removed? Any idea why?


2013-08-08 02:12:24

is your LATEST game fury fury: the twin orbs ? i know that YOU made it it has YOUR name in it and yet it isnt on here so ... ?


2016-01-10 04:59:56

Knock knock. Anybody there?


2016-03-01 04:04:36