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It's December, and Blogs are in the air...

2010-12-22 23:13:06 by dirtyc101

Dec 22, 2010

Not too much to report, but thought I'd bump & just wish everyone a Happy Holiday / New Year. I have been piddling with my game a bit, but nothing super-amazing.

I've been asked a couple of times to keep a blog. So, I played with that a bit this afternoon. I'll link the other 2 below. Honestly, none of the 3 (counting this as an option) are really super-awesome. None of them are terrible either I reckon. Really wish NG here had more customization options, it would pretty much win by default. hahaha. Oh well, I'll keep playing & see what I find. Other sites linked below for the curious. Okay, mainly so I can find them again. haha.


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2010-12-24 22:05:30

Merry Christmas!


2011-01-24 01:27:36

Keep working on these games, keep up the Krystal ones. But also I would like to request/ask for some with Renamon. Sorry just a personal choice I cant decide between the two. But given a choice I would pick Renamon first. :P


2011-03-03 22:12:17



2011-03-04 17:30:16

suggestions for furry furry
make more chaets
make better gaphics
make boss battles
other wise perfect