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New game is out. :)

2010-11-07 09:08:35 by dirtyc101

Nov 7, 2010
I released Furry Fury: Beta on the Beach early this morning. Came together much quicker than I expected. Course it helps that I basically ignored everything to work on that for the last week. Still, very happy to have it up & posted so quickly. :) I consider it to be kind of an open beta, which is to say my main goal with this game is to test it with a large group of people & see how it plays. So, please, get over there & leave me some comments. ;)


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2010-11-17 17:05:32

would you tell me the code of the dirty mode? please, i got it once but i dont remember it anymore :( was it godmode? or kfox rules? i cant remember >:/


2010-11-17 19:06:09



2010-11-18 21:07:46

hey wut are the passcodes for beta on the beach


2010-11-21 16:34:41

High quality as always


2010-12-04 01:49:02

I played the game, and I gotta say I liked it. But it raised a question or two about your next game that I want to know. Are you going to fix the automatic death from two monsters double teaming you, and are you going to have swarms of enemies attack in the new game, or just a few at a time like in K Fox? Well anyways just wanted to say I loved your games, and I can't wait for the next one.

dirtyc101 responds:

I keep changing my mind. Most of it will be closer to K. Fox & the Magic Sword, but I really like the swarm fights, and I have a spot where a big fight would fit well with the story. But I'm not sure it would fit well with the gameplay. Going from light combat/exploring to heavy combat could turn some people off. So, the real answer is "I'm not sure yet."
And yes, the double-teaming is annoying, but part of the game. I do plan on revising the 'S' attack to knock all opponents away in the next game, so that should help a bit.


2010-12-04 23:32:28

I've played it a few times, can't wait to see a new game, any idea when the next one's coming?

dirtyc101 responds:

Spring 2011 is my best guess. Although I'm fiddling with it a bit, I don't plan to start working on it in earnest until next year.


2010-12-10 08:19:45

When do you make a new game..? I miss K Fox and all the Horny dragons ;) Hope you soon will make a new game :P


2010-12-11 05:56:16

Oh no, nottothirty!