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July Update

2010-07-02 11:01:15 by dirtyc101

July 1, 2010:
Just thought I'd post another quick annoucement. I just finished the 'core' of my current game. I think it's pretty cool to be here, as for the first time I see an acutal game, as opposed to a big pile of code & doodles. So wanted to share with everyone out there who's been waiting. Both of you. ;) Anyway, there still tons to do, loading screens, intro, music & sound, and cheat codes (trust me, you want cheat codes, this is a long game). So my un-official goal is to have it all posted & up by the end of July. There, you have a release date... sort of. :)

I have to say that learning to draw has been fun, but not so much fun I'd want to do this often. I can reallly see the improvement in my style from my first sketechs to the last ones. I'll be honest, this is not the hottest stuff I've ever seen, but it's not terrible either. Solid B-- high school stuff ;). I can totally see how someone could really get into drawing... I'm just not that guy. hahaha. So, Once this is done, I'll likely be going back to full time coder, and looking for artists to help me with various projects. Maybe I'll try drawing some backgrounds when I feel the itch. harhar.

That's all


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2010-07-09 15:57:36

cant wait to try that game :)


2010-07-27 19:16:47

That game is going to be awsome can't wait