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2010-05-21 16:56:27 by dirtyc101

So, I haven't written anything in a while, but I keep getting a small but steady stream of "when's the next game???" So let me start by saying I'm taking a small break at the moment, but I still work on it about once a week. I'm hoping to have something done near the end of summer. But, this next project is really more of a tutorial for me - I'm still trying to teach myself how to draw. It's fun, but much like when I was in school, I feel like my brain is full now, & I really just wanna go play. If the game isn't 'done' by the end of summer, I'll at least try to package up what I have & release a beta of some type, just so you can see what I was doing all this time. hehe.

I am also talking to an artist, and we are very excited about trying to make a direct sequel to K. Fox. I'm going to tentatively say we hope to have that done by the end of the year, but realistically we haven't started on it yet. Still, just the sheer amout of brainstorming we've been doing is pretty cool. If it turns out anything like what we're discussing, I think y'all will be impressed.

And lastly, I was surfing NG today, and it looks like Playshapes (the original artist of the Legend of Krystal) is back. I'll put two links below. The first leads to a forum where a small group of folks is working to finish the original, and the second is a direct link to the latest release here on NG.

-Dirty C 101


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2010-05-24 10:43:40

you can thank garyux28 and Xenas for the arrival of playshapes if they had not tried to pass his releases off as his own, i do no think he would be here on newgrounds.


2010-06-14 17:44:37

if your next game is anything like your last, ill vote 5 every day for a month lol